Strategies to prepare for competitive exams:

Understanding the topic-wise number of questions asked in the competitive examination during previous years can help the students to focus upon the weightage of the topic in their examination.

Prepare a suitable and well-organized timetable for your daily studying. Divide your study time in such a way that you give sufficient time for each subject so that you can cover the entire syllabus. Stick to your timetable and avoid following it haphazardly.

Studying the entire syllabus is essential. Always stick to the XI and XII standard NCERT syllabus in all subjects and complete them thoroughly.

All the fundamentals are extremely useful for improving your understanding of concepts. Develop them to their full potential.

Competitive examinations are designed to test your in-depth knowledge of concepts or principles and their applications in all subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. It is imperative to have a thorough understanding of both the fundamentals and the advanced topics. You should also focus on developing better logical reasoning as well as problem-solving skills.

Make use of your valuable time by reading the right study materials that will help you to prepare. 

There are shortcuts to every concept. Learning these will help the students to solve the questions/problems in the shortest time possible. Students should become familiar with these tools for easy success, as this will increase the speed of their learning.

Practice makes man perfect. This proverb applies to this situation as well. It will assist you in understanding the concept and its application when you are exposed to more questions. It will also increase your speed of answering questions.

After studying all the concepts and practicing the questions, you should make it a point to test your preparation level. The most effective way to do so is by taking mock tests regularly. This may be displayed chapter-wise, unit-wise, combination-wise, etc. The results that you obtain will help you know where you stand and you will also learn about your weak areas. Focus on improving your areas.